Welcome to Seattle, 2074

Whilst Seattle remained in UCAS, the surrounding territories were all ceded to the North American Nation. As befitting an almost-city state, Seattle has become a melting pot of races, religions and nationalities. And with all of those people come the ‘wares and money. If you’re looking for anything, chances are there’s one in Seattle

And where there’s people, there’s power to be fought over.

After the Matrix 2.0 crash in 2064, a power gulf was created. Renraku, dominating the Seattle skyline and infrastructure with their SCIRE Arcology, has had its power base shattered, with the Arcology falling into the hands of the UCAS government. After a lengthy Horizon-backed marketing and PR campaign, coupled with a rebranding to the less aggressive ‘ACHE’, the Arcology is once again reconstructing itself, and currently holds over 100,000 people within its self-contained systems.

Sensing Renraku’s weakness, the other megacorps present have made their moves. Ares pushed heavily in the rebuilding process, securing multiple government contracts and establishing themselves as the powerhouse in the region. They recently secured a landmark deal with the UCAS military to provide support and assistance in maintaining ACHE’s bleeding edge support systems, including the colossal nodes required to support the rogue AI DEUS.

The situation has not worked out completely in Ares’ favour. Aztechnology, offering vital food and medical supplies to the victims of DEUS, positioned themselves in the food and basic supplies market, achieving an almost complete monopoly. Since, the supplies have lessened and prices have risen, turning Seattle into a profit machine for the Azzies. And they’d like this to continue.

Mitsuhama have also come into prominence, taking over the Renraku-owned shipyards and heavy industries in the areas nearby. They control most exits from the isolated city-state, and rumours are rising about goods being smuggled in through those ports.

The three main competitors in the region have been joined by Saeder-Krupp, who have limited holdings for now, but are notorious for extensive planning and forethought. Horizon, being resposible for the PR of ACHE, are moving around deftly in the area. Renraku itself is down but not out, and are slowly retaking holdings and building up their strength.

The potential profits of the area have drawn the major players together. There’s only so much money to be made out of a city, but blood is always in good supply.

Waltz of the Macabre

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