Jimmy Tallbottom

A humongous troll hailing from the Barrens, with an electric pink mohawk and a club


A humongous troll hailing from the Barrens, his thinning hair is dyed electric pink and poorly styled into a mohawk. His deep set tusks frame his face, and his horns have been filed into sharp points. His features appear simple, and reinforce his often simple outlook on life. He is often seen in gang regalia, and has a large tree branch strapped to his back, which he affectionately calls Lumber.

Easily manipulated, he looks up to those he considered smart, and does what he’s told without questioning. He has a deep love of baseball, and is a big supporter of the Seattle Slammers.

A lowlife with no prospects, he lives for the simple things. Food, beer, and hurting people. And two of those cost money.


Jimmy Tallbottom

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