Tag: Everett


  • Mr(s) Johnson

    Three commlinks beep and three different eyes access the same message. "I've got a job for you, if you're interested." One man pings a quick, flippant reply and rolls over and returns to his disturbed sleep. Another accepts immediately with nuyen …

  • Mitsuhama Automated Docks

    One of many docks in the [[Everett]] area of Seattle, almost completely automated with minimal staff (Stakeout showed two guards in two towers, with others, at least 2, elsewhere in the facility). [[File:599617 | class=media-item-align-none | …

  • The Cube

    The Cube is a much more upmarket establishment to the [[Deep Dive | Deep Dive]]. It's not quite got the comforts of the clubs in main Downtown, but it plays recent hits at a loud volume with enough bass to stop a pacemaker. The floors aren't too sticky …

  • Everett

    Mainly suburban area with some wilderness. Currently experiencing a renaissance in the middle classes. Points of Interest: * [[The Cube]] * [[Mitsuhama Automated Docks]]