BMW Trollhammer (Chopper)

The Trollhamer is the latest bike offered through BMW and is targeted to larger metahumans. The advertising campaign is one of its largest strengths along with its classic styling. The bike is one of the heaviest on the market, which also means only the strongest can realistically expect to drive it.

Base Stats

  • HANDLING + 2
  • SPEED 135
  • PILOT 1
  • BODY 8
  • ARMOUR 5
  • SENS 1


Notes (From Used Car Lot)

  • They have gained a lot of popularity with younger, larger members of the Vory in France. They are almost emulating the classic North American thugs in appearance and style.
  • They’re big, loud, and comfortable to drive. They’re also conspicuous and draw lots of attention from law enforcement when you drive by

BMW Trollhammer (Chopper)

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