An anti-social bunch, this band of criminals is becoming well known throughout Seattle. Trademarked neon hair and thuggish, biker appearances make members reasonably easy to identify, although do so at your own peril. Used to kicking ass and taking names, this lot prefer a more physical approach to confrontation.


A fair number of low level gangers have been caught previously, careless, lazy or stupid, so they’re on Lonestar’s radar. They’re not considered much more than a nuisance at the moment though. Those in the know are a little wiser to their range of influence.

There’s a hierarchy of power within the gang, with several lieutenants doling out orders to their minions. The identities of these people are kept quiet, although they’re known to wear their strength in subtle ways – badges on their jackets, if you can recognise them.

Currently only a single hideout is known; a quiet cul de sac in the arse end of nowhere. A desolate road weaving through the brown plains and ruins out in the Barrens of Redmond.



Waltz of the Macabre Jacq