Mitsuhama Automated Docks

One of many docks in the Everett area of Seattle, almost completely automated with minimal staff (Stakeout showed two guards in two towers, with others, at least 2, elsewhere in the facility).


The dock is surrounded by a chain-link fence with evenly space cameras (~30m apart). The entrance (only gap in fence) is at the front and two guard towers reside either side of the entrance. During the night the towers shine lights into the facility, although the stacks of containers provide ample shadowed sections.

Within the fencing are the container stacks, most are piled high after a ship arrival and before the trucks arrive. However the towers significantly reduce in height after cargo is collected (Possible vantage points, if dock traffic is light?). ‘Suspicious’ containers are stacked separately and appear to need visual inspection by one of the tower guards before being released. Cargo containers are moved around by heavy lifting drones (Hackable?), these are slow moving drones with heavy lift capacity. when out of use the drones reside in one of the sites two buildings. The drone bay is an open face building (3 walls and roof), where the drones appear to stack on top of each other.

The entrance between the two towers is gated, but no interaction is needed from a driver to gain access. Once inside the trucks simply wait for a drone to bring the container to the truck (ID Broadcast?). Containers are tagged by IDs.

Mitsuhama Automated Docks

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