Dareth Aramth

Elf, with long sleek black hair. Tattered brown jacket and friendly Katana


Elves, are tall, slim, naturally beautiful and overall are considered elegant.. this is why you tend to need to take a second look at Dareth. He is tall, slim and has a look of beauty past.

Dareth has a look of unnatural age about him as if he is much older than he really looks, the eyes are wild almost like the eyes of a proud animal that spent too long in a cage. His hair is long, sleek and black it has a look of grease about it but this is simply a trick of the light. He wears a tattered brown leather duster that has a look of being hit with one too many bullets.

Thanatos on the other hand ties is hair back and covers his face with what looks like a crudely homemade mask, the base is a gas mask and the face plate is likely made from scrapping a helmet and some leather. The mask has been sprayed with white to give the look of a skull, the eye socks has a black rim before the opening and the ridges and vents of the gas mask show a half arsed attempt to cover them. Drips of white spray paint have trickled where the mask was left to hang and dry.

Upon Thanatos back, strapped upside down is his pride, his own Katana. Many evenings have been spent rewinding the hilt and working on the etchings along the blade (Still a work in progress). The Katana looks more like an ancient blade than a cheaply mass produced modern replica. On close inspection of the hilt a small Japanese good luck charm. The scabbard is a polar opposite of the blade, modern and practical, with many ways to attach the scabbard and secure the blade along with quick release and a reinforced casing.


New to Seattle he has yet to see the sights

Dareth Aramth

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