Waltz of the Macabre

Down Time

Lets go clubbing

The troupe head to the drop off delivering the case before Bo heads off to Deep Dive to drop off the Lieutenant insignas and have her drink with Steel. He compliments her on a job well done, she sips at her Rum and retires for the evening sending the bonuses off to the team.

Before parting ways with Bo, Thanatos lets her know he’s going to see his ‘med guy’ about the drugs if she wanted the Ice Mist checked out. She tosses him a couple and she bikes off while Thanatos sets up a meet with Silence “That’ll be 50 for the call out”.. It takes Thanatos awhile to get to the docs but once there he shows him the different items he’s procured.

‘That yellow stuff is CRAM, military stuff will make you stronger for a price’, he eyes Thanatos then back at the Ice Mist “Now this shit, this is bad. Extremely addictive and just gives you a short lived euphoria”. Eyeing Thanatos again “I can clean and fix up those wounds, for a price call it another 50 for a round 100?”

Just before heading out Silence asks “Any chance i can buy one of those Ice Mists off you? got a few cases of extreme addiction and wouldn’t mind trying to find a way to ease it”

After a couple of successful runs the group spend some down time training, paying off (or hacking) their rent, and enjoying spending some well earned nuyen.

Feeling like his smaller guns are not quite big enough Blank decides its time to exercise his fixer Quick Finger to help him get a Battle rifle and the gear for it, no questions asked.

It takes some time but Quick Finger pulls through, calling up Blank for the drop off. While handing over the rather large case “You’re starting to seem capable, I have someone who’d like to talk to you at the Icarus club tonight. Interested?”.

ping Bo replies “I know of the place, not our usual dive bar. Elf club, be ready to be scanned”

Lets go Clubbing!

Bo swings by Thanatos’ at Redmond while Blank and the The Gentle man take the party van.

Thanatos heads to the club first, for the first time he is swordless, but still in is street gear and leather duster. A quick eyeing up by the bounces and he’s let in. Icarus has a central atrium is dominated by a large crystalline structure. In its centre lies a 2000 era DJ spinning really disks. A bar at the back serves elaborate drinks to patrons sitting on crystal stools. Studded around the edge of the atrium are small alcoves offering shelter from the cacophony of sound, sporting small tables and chairs. The floor above overlooks the atrium, with small pods dotting the edge allowing more private views. A private staircase flanked by two well dressed elven guards offers access to the VIP area, a dark purple velvet corridor with private booths for more discrete conversations. (Read more in link)

Making his way around the upper level Thanatos grabs a drink (10 freakin Nuyen!!) and settles to a spot upstairs where he can best see the movement of other people. The drink comes in a beautifully intricate glass, a long stemmed martini glass but where the stem should be there is a dragon curling around giving the entire thing a much more expensive look and feel.

After the all clear from Thanatos, Bo heads over to the club a few seconds of checking ID’s and quick check shes not packing and shes in, her concealed holster working like a charm she doesn’t like to be without protection. Blank is just behind her scans and checks and he’s also let through, “He’s waiting for you, VIP rooms in an hour” the bouncer says as he walks past.

Meanwhile the Gentleman is not feeling so confident and he wants to be so much more than those plebs, time to get onto the VIP list. Plugging in the Top hatted and Monocled avatar begins his misdeeds:

Icarus has a public network, easy access for the start, no need to physical connections.

Fire and lava, the public network looks somewhat like the Icarus atrium but with more flowing lava and much more fire you certainly start to get a feeling off this place.

Searching round The Gentleman finds a spot to try for Admin access, such a level of access will allow him almost free roam of the system at least for the public network options.


After a couple of attempts the local security or admin become very aware of this Top hatted avatar, and slowly being to move towards him, with malicious intent. Time to unplug.


“Good look, I like it”, Thanatos turns around to see another male elf, wearing an outfit that is reminiscent of old pirate pictures, although he’s not convinced he got the outfit quite right surely they wouldn’t have left the shit half undone! “Thanks you, you look good to”. The elf raises an eyebrow and leaves, obviously Thanatos is not in the same crowd as him.

The hour passes, watching the place small cliques can be seen to gather, with intermixing on the dance floor. Bo and Blank seem t just be waiting slightly impatiently and Thanatos nurses his drink making sure to get the full 10 Nuyens worth and debating keeping the glass for himself, or a nice present for Chloe.

Bo and Blank approach the VIP section, “No chance, this area is not for you”. A second bouncer leans over a whispers into the first ear.. “Fine, up the stairs third door on the left, he’s waiting”.

Its Business Time

“What took you so long!” exclaims the man in the room, “we were told to wait” Bo quickly replies.

“I have a job i need you to do, and i need it done quick. Data retrieval”, This seems like a simple enough task, “40,000 Nuyen”, maybe not so simple.

40k for a data extraction is a heafty offer, there must be more to this. Getting the name of the company Prismatic, and the building the Gentleman does a fast search on it. Prismatic 15-17th floor of a Seadur-Krupp run building will have good security and fast response times from the local Lone Wolf law enforcement.

“We need the data quickly, couple of days max that’s why we’re offering a higher than normal price. I need a yes or no”, Bo turns on her hard bargain “60k and we have a deal, we’re looking at a heavily secured building, in a high risk zone for runs with only a day to plan we need extra hazard pay”… Mulling this over for a few seconds “Deal, here is the data search program it’ll find the files we need. Oh and anything else you find in their servers you can keep for yourselves”.

The trio make their way out of the club, it’s late around midnight best to get a feel for the building the next morning.

Eat, Sleep, Run, Repeat

Start of the morning Bo drives by during the rush hour traffic, good chance to go slowly without being too obvious;

The buildings shared, that much the Gentleman could easily find out a few lesser financial corps, nothing of note.

The atrium of the building takes up the first two floors, big open and clean a desk with a one guard to the side no obvious big security features and most people seem to walk in and straight to the lifts behind ascending to their jobs.

It may be possible for Bo to talk herself in, but we need to insert the Gentleman into Prismatics server room the subtlety of his Top hat and Monocle however would not go unnoticed perhaps a more unseen approach would be best.

It’s time for the Firefly, The Gentleman and Blank take the party van out and drive around near the building while the firefly scans the building. As it ascends it can see that the first 14 floors has clear glass but the prismatic floors are tinted making it harder to see. Switching to thermal the firefly can see the blurry shapes of people walking around on the 15th and 16th floor but when it gets to the 17th the heat levels rise and just above it there is a lot of heat.

// Best laid plans



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