After the Matrix 2.0 crash in 2064, a power gulf was created. Renraku, dominating the Seattle skyline and infrastructure with their SCIRE Arcology, has had its power base shattered, with the Arcology falling into the hands of the UCAS government. After a lengthy Horizon-backed marketing and PR campaign, coupled with a rebranding to the less aggressive ‘ACHE’, the Arcology is once again reconstructing itself, and currently holds over 100,000 people within its self-contained systems.

The Arcology itself is a marvel of engineering, capable of maintaining the lives and health of nearly 150,000 people in a tiny area. Its often described as a city within a city to those who don’t live there, and a prison to those two do.

The base of the Arcology is a large 5 floor mall, with 200 floors above that dedicated solely for public housing. Below the mall, the underground levels hold the fusion reactors responsible for power, as well as other systems designed for support.

ARES has recently taken over responsibility for maintaining and improving the support systems in what was described as an agreement of unprecedented cooperation between the UCAS military and ARES, who have historically shared close ties.


Waltz of the Macabre Aire