Ares Macrotechnology

  • Largest player in Seattle, their work dominates the landscape after the fall of Renraku. Construction contracts and most major government facilities are provided by Ares, and their influence is felt in all corners of the region. Beset on all sides by enemies, they still eke out a profit, and recently gain a coup in taking over the facilities for the ACHE from UCAS.


  • The second largest player in Seattle after Ares, they are well known for no love lost between the pair. Currently immensely strong due to the widespread disaster of DEUS and the subsequent lack of basic foodstuffs, Aztechnology swung in to offer assistance and gained a near monopoly.


  • Working with Seattle Government in a lucrative contract to build up relations after the DEUS incident.


  • Working mainly in the port and sea based work, generally suspected to be smuggling large quantities of goods through the ports but no proof.


  • Rebuilding after the arcology incident, their prescence is little felt, but still around.


  • Currently a lesser player in the area.


Waltz of the Macabre Aire